How Green Was My Valley (1941)

    A timeless portrayal of a bygone, simpler time, How Green was My Valley is a story filled with wisdom, insights and a tint of bitter sweet nostalgia.
    Felix Funicello (Wyatt Ralff) in detention.

    Wishin’ and Hopin’ (2014)

    Wishin’ and Hopin’ is a delightful comedy flick that'll put a smile on your face from start to finish.

    Milk Money (1994)

    Do yourself a favor and seek out Milk Money now, for its comedy, drama, Coming-of-Age nuances and everything in between. Highly recommended!

    The Girl Next Door (2007)

    While not a typical first-love Coming-of-Age film, The Girl Next Door is a film about love – albeit a tragic one.

    Mud (2012)

    Two 14-year-old boys encounter a strange man named Mud who they find hiding out on a small river island.

    Standing Up (2013)

    Entertaining and inspiring, "Standing Up" is one of the best Coming-of-Age movies I have had the pleasure to watch and review.

    Lost in Yonkers (1993)

    The story of the peculiar experiences of two young teen brothers who were sent to stay with their stern German grandmother and childlike aunt in Yonkers, New York in the summer of 1942.
    John John in the Sky

    John John in the Sky (2000)

    One of the best films in the Coming-of-Age genre. John John in the Sky captures the viewer's attention with reminders of one's own adolescence.

    Mid90s (2018)

    Mid90s is one of the most refreshing Coming-of-Age dramas released in 2018.

    Frailty (2001)

    A psychological thriller with strong Coming-of-Age motifs, Frailty is a true masterpiece that deserves to be seen. Highly recommended!

    Wide Awake (1998)

    Wide Awake is highly recommended for everyone seeking a poignant Coming-of-Age film with a message. It's inspirational and a must see!!

    Come Morning (2012)

    An ill-fated hunting trip forever changes the lives of a granddad and his 10-year-old grandson.