Shadow Of A Midsummer Night (2011)

A short Coming-of-Age film from Norway about a nine-year-old boy who loses his friend in an accident.

sting short film

Sting (2007)

Sting (also known as Stikk ) is a short coming of age film from Norway. Written and directed by Vigdis Nielsen the film focuses on bullying. The film reveals the nature of the events that occur in the schoolyard which, while not reflected by the official records, are part of the daily life at most high schools.

Gips (2015)

Gips is a bitter-sweet Coming-of-Age cocktail of youthful experiences. Recommended!

Love Is All You Need? (2011)

Imagine life in an alternative universe – a place where things that are socially acceptable now are considered perverse by close minded people and vice versa.  Love Is All You Need? is a movie with a message – an important one -- and it's delivered in an astonishingly effective manner.

varmint short film

VARMiNT (2012)

A 12-year-old savage boy tries to survive in a hostile world among people that seemingly regard him as a pest.

James (2015)

Inventively mixing elements of fantasy and real life, James offers a unique insight into the mind of a youngster dealing with bullies and family issues.
Zucht - A 12-year-old boy who is yet to feel the first trembles of love.


Zucht is one of those movies you have to watch several times to fully get its meaning. At first the movie did not seem very promising or meaningful. One may even say that Zucht is quite a confusing film.


Sueños is a Spanish short film released directed by Daniel Guzmán. It was filmed in Madrid and released in 2003 and a year later won Goya award for best short film.

Interdependence (2013)

Interdependence -- a sincere visual poem filled with intimacy and innocence.

Tommy (2011)

Combining grotesque fantasy and reality, Tommy shows the influence dysfunctional families can have on children in a manner that is sometimes shocking.

The Saddest Boy in the World (2006)

The Saddest Boy in the World is an avant-garde short film that explores the inner world of a young boy overwhelmed with dark thoughts on the verge of his ninth birthday.

The puzzle by Bryan Paul

Resuming the short film series with a review of the Brian Paul`s - " The Puzzle ".  Having recently read ( listened to )...