Displaced 2010

Displaced (2010)

In 2010, Rick Stevenson directed Displaced, a moving short drama about a young boy who is having troubles adjusting to the foster homes he is being sent to.

Moiré (2014)

An eight-year-old struggles to establish his self-identity in this Spanish short film featuring at top notch performance by Hugo Arbués.

Always Number One (2009)

The story of the encounter of Florian and Daniel -- two pupils at a German boarding school.

Boy: A Short Film (2011)

In "Boy", a short film by Topaz Adizes, a 10-year-old boy experiences a rite of passage into manhood that will forever change him.

Soft Like Me (1996)

Intelligent, dramatically compelling and strangely poetic examination of where we might be headed, or where we have already arrived.

My First Claire (2010)

A funky, refreshing film that accurately portrays the anguish/confusion surrounding the discovery of youthful sexuality.

Boredom Killer (2011)

With a narrative inspired by social realism, Boredom Killer touches on issues such as friendship, bullying and acceptance.

Henley (2011)

Henley is a short film with a twisted story -- shocking and provoking and soon to be made into a full-length feature film.

Pop Art – a short film starring Bill Milner

Pop Art is a short film shot in 2007 starring the famous British actor Bill Milner.

Strýta (2012)

A beautifully shot film with a deep and meaningful story. It's an indisputable "must see"!

Gotcha (1991)

A good portrayal of the coming of age story of twelve-year-old Marco - full of mischievous behavior and harmless pranks on the people around him.


Life is full of coincidences - and of them is that I got to watch the short film  "Sandman" just few days after I...