alone with mr carter scene

Alone with Mr. Carter (2011)

Writer/Director Jean-Pierre Bergeron challenged the hegemony of the familiar Coming-of-Age fables with the story of a young boy secretly in love with an older, heterosexual male in his debut film "Alone with Mr.Carter."

Jerrycan (2008)

Jerrycan delivers an intriguing viewing experience by challenging the viewer to perceive the world through the eyes of a kid who is yet to form his character.

Skin (2012)

A film about first love, about a desire to bring a smile to the face of your beloved, Skin captivates the attention of its viewers predominately with its beautiful cinematography. 

World Wide Woven Bodies (2015)

World Wide Woven Bodies is as much about the Coming-of-Age of a Norwegian teenager as it is about the advent of the internet as a 90s historical event.
Deep End 2011 short movie review

Deep End (2011)

Bailey Maughan stars in this 2011 short film about acceptance.

The Bikers (2014)

Four mischievous boys run away from home to avoid punishment for a horrid crime they are convinced they have committed.

Gift (2013)

A young boy despises his father for being poor and unsuccessful, but years later realizes how wrong he was.

Iver (2004)

Iver is the first of the short movies I am going to review in this blog. I came to appreciate it as it brought many memories of the many days I spend in around the pool training swimming and triathlon. Let`s start with the basic Iver is a Norwegian movie starring ErikNæsbak Brenden.

Fragile (2014)

Australian Writer/Director Juliet Juliana Mango's tale of an eight-year-old transgendered child featuring a solid acting performance by young Alex Bryans.

Hochhaus (2006)

A grim portrayal of a 12-year-old boy growing up in an urban jungle in Germany.

James (2015)

Inventively mixing elements of fantasy and real life, James offers a unique insight into the mind of a youngster dealing with bullies and family issues.

Quake – a short movie with Chase Ellison

Quake starring Chase Ellison   It is not everyday that I blog about movie which I haven`t seen yet. However the short movie Quake starring Chase...