liberaAlmost everyone into Treble music knows about Libera. Reading about them at BCSD I could not miss the fact that they have succeeded in their objective “to make boy choir music more accessible to a wider audience”. I have met several people who did not know anything about treble and the performers of choir music , but at the same time knew about Libera – from movie soundtracks (Merchant of Venice, The / Hannibal).

More information about their story can be find in Wikipedia. The distinct style of the choir is easily recognizable – choir and beautiful solos alongside with drums, organs and other suitable instruments . The lyrics are superb , especially the ones in Latin ( I used to learn in at High School ) .

At this moment I have four their albums , but have an intention to purchase all in the near future.

Their official web site is as simple as it can get – but the resources to be find in there will satisfy the needs of almost everyone who wants to learn more about them. In addition you can check out the for FAQ and a lot of information about the specifics songs performed by Libera.

I enjoy listening to Libera while I am at home or am working on some project or even while I am traveling by train , bus or whatever as it tends to calm me down a bit – it is hard of hard to explain the exact feeling – but you can hear Libera for yourself. Now my dad for example does not like it – ” Its like a church music ” – he says – but well everyone has his own tastes.


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