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Introducing Hasan and Ibrahim Ignatovi

Twin piano prodigies Hasan and Ibrahim Ignatovi play with such skill and passion that it casts a spell on their audiences.

Podslon (2010)

The gap between generations is the main theme of the 2010 Bulgarian film Podslon (Shelter).

Baklava (2007)

Finally, after years of not being available because it was banned in its native country of Bulgaria, a review of this controversial film by Alexo Petrov.

Alexander Georgiev – Alex

Alexander Victorov Georgiev (or Alex to his family and friends) was born on September 21, 1999 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He began singing at the age of six and made his first public appearance on the competition “Stars Are Rising”. He unanimously won that competition and thus started his career as a young singer.

Da obichash na inat / Stubborn Love (Europe: English title)

Although I have seen the movie many times, to write this review I have watched it once again and I must say that again I found it interesting....


Preview of the Bulgarian Coming-of-Age film Balkava .The film was produced in Bulgaria and among other thing shows the reality there

Roman Mysteries

I was not going to write about the TV series " Roman Mysteries " - assuming that all of you have heard of it...