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    The Abduction of Zack Butterfield (2011)

    In the past, the has done several articles related to a movie called The Last Days of April. Included were interviews with Producer/Screenwriter Stephen Ryder (July 2009) and Director Rick Lancaster (September 2010) and a pre-release review of the movie itself in May of 2010. The movie has yet to be released and has recently had a name change. Today, conducted a phone interview with Stephen Ryder to get an update on what's been happening with the film.

    The Butcher Boy (1997)

    If you are looking for an unusual coming of age film, The Butcher Boy (1997) would be an excellent choice. The premise can be described as coming of age -- gone wrong. One has to see the film to note the difference between Director Neil Jordan's style and the mainstream time-wasters that flood the cinemas nowadays. Experienced in the field of the psychological thriller and drama, his efforts make The Butcher Boy one of the best films I've ever seen in its genre.

    You Are Not Alone – an interview with Lasse Nielsen

    Much has been said and written about the acclaimed Danish film "Du er ikke alene" (You Are Not Alone). For fans of the coming of age genre, " You Are Not Alone " is what " Star Wars " is for the sci-fi fans.Lasse Nielsen, who directed the film back in 1978, agreed to give an exclusive interview for and its readers.

    Robby (1968)

    A delightful story of of youthful adventure.


    Review of the dutch film Nachttocht.A nicely done and very rare film. Starring Abel Claassen

    James-a coming of age film by Connor Clements

    James is a short narrative drama written and directed by Connor Clements.( an exclusive interview with him is included )


    Preview of the Bulgarian Coming-of-Age film Balkava .The film was produced in Bulgaria and among other thing shows the reality there

    El Niño Que Gritó Puta (The Boy Who Cried Bitch)

    El Niño Que Gritó Puta (The Boy Who Cried Bitch) coming of age movie review at Screens shots and trailer included.

    The Boys of St. Vincent

    Review of the controversial Canadian movie The Boys of St. Vincent.