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    Bloody Birthday (1981)

    Bloody Birthday is a horror movie from 1981 . Its often regarded as a shasher film, only the killers in it are three adorable little kids. Debbie (Elizabeth Hoy), Curtis (Billy Jacoby), and Steven (Andy Freeman) are born in 1970 during a solar eclipse

    The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2004)

    The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things is a disturbing movie. In fact it just it can`t get more disturbing than it .

    The Nature Of Nicholas

    I used to think that The Nature Of Nicholas is a cute movie. That`s the impressions that the clips from it in the video...

    Jet Boy

    Independent and rare Canadian movie - Jet Boy is not easy to find. It is a well made drama that deals with serious subjects. The main character is Nathan - a 14 years old boy who is also a hustler. His role is played by Brandon Nadon - who makes a remarkable debut with this movie.

    Wild Tigers I Have Known

    Talking about weird movie - you would hardly be able to find one weirdest then Wild Tigers I have Known. I just finish watching...

    Mysterious Skin

    I have to admit that if I first didn't stumble on that movie on IMDb I wound have not even know about it. It...

    Song for a Raggy Boy (2003)

    I watched this movie with tears in my eyes. No other movie until know was able to make me feel such pain – almost physical just from watching the story that unfolds on the screen. With risk to repeat myself I must note that this was probably the hardest movie to watch from all I have seen until the moment.

    Barnens O

    I did not quite get Barnens O – it is one of the weirdest ones I have watched. The soundtrack was quite unusual as...

    Mandragora (1997)

    But on to the movie, it is the masterpiece of Wiktor Grodecki. Of this, there is no doubt. I highly recommend that you watch it at least once. And maybe someday you will be able to make a difference for a boy, who may be living like the boys shown in this movie.