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    Old Yeller (1957)

    Old Yeller is a classic example of a Disney family oriented animal adventure story, with the potential to appeal to both young and adult audiences alike.

    I’ll Get There. It Better Be Worth the Trip

    Published in 1969 and considered controversial in its day, this book is a Coming-of-Age novel that describes the horrid experiences of losing someone you love and then having to adjust to a completely new environment.

    The Jump (1999)

    Der Sprung is a tale about friendship and the courage to conquer one’s own fears…

    Kauwboy (2012)

    This Dutch Coming-of-Age film is the unpretentious, yet moving, story of a 10-year-old boy endeavoring to accept, and deal with, the realities of his life.

    Stand By Me (1986): A Personal Reflection on the 25th Anniversary Edition

    Stand By Me is one of the most iconic pieces in cinematic history and arguably the greatest Coming-of-Age film of all time.

    Eye of the Eagle (1997)

    With characters in the film based on actual historical figures from Danish history, Eye of the Eagle is a medieval adventure that has all it takes to keep viewers of all ages glued to the screen.

    Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale (2011)

    The death of a loved one is a commonly addressed theme in films belonging to the Coming-of-Age genre. Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale  offers one solution to the issue of children dealing with grief - the friendship of an animal.

    Totally True Love (2011)

    Totally True Love has something for everyone: challenges, drama, intrigue, romance, joy and sorrow  – all of that plus a unique insight into what a ten-year-old girl can do in the name of love.

    An Angel for May (2002)

    While "An Angel for May" may not be a big blockbuster, it's a nice enough film to guarantee a pleasant afternoon or evening for the entire family. It's an educational, emotional and inspirational movie - well worth your time.