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    Allan Clelland-Goddard on The Mystery Artist Show

    Allan Clelland-Goddard, who is 14 and a multi-talented young musician/singer, is well on his way to a career in music and entertainment. An exclusive interview.

    For a Lost Soldier: An Interview with Roeland Kerbosch

    Twenty years after the date that “For A Lost Soldier” was first screened, the film’s director, Roeland Kerbosch, has given an exclusive interview.

    Razvan Dobai on The Mystery Artist Show

    At the end of April 2012, radio aired an exclusive interview (conducted by Jeffrey) with Razvan Dobai, a talented young singer from Romania. Here's the transcript of that interview.

    Casper Feddema on The Mystery Artist Show

    Sixteen-year-old Casper Feddema from the Netherlands is well on his way to becoming an international singing sensation. On 1-April-2011, radio aired an exclusive interview with Casper.

    Brothers3 on The Mystery Artist Show

    The Brothers3 are, as the name implies, three brothers who are songwriters, singers and actors from Australia.  The original audio version of this interview was aired on The Mystery Artist Show on radio earlier this month.

    The Man in the Red Suit (2011)

    The Man in the Red Suit won the 2011 Coming-of-Age Movie Award in the Best Short Film category.  Now its Director, Kevin Callies, gives this exclusive interview to

    Christopher McGinnis on The Mystery Artist Show

    Today, Christopher McGinnis is a 14-year-old, multi-talented entertainer. He is a singer, song-writer and actor who's father began working with him when he was just five-years-old. Here's an interview with Christopher, first aired on's "Mystery Artist Show".

    Giuseppe Bausilio and Life After Billy: An Interview

    He played Billy Elliot in three different productions of the musical. But now that spotlight has been turned off. What has Giuseppe been doing since "retiring" as Billy? An exclusive interview...

    Tom Andrews – An Exclusive Interview

    The world is impatiently awaiting the debut album of 18-year-old Tom Andrews - an exclusive interview with the young singer for