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Norway’s New Young Artist: Alexandru

Norway's Alexandru comes complete with the whole package. While only eleven-years-old, he enters the pop market with great looks, a wonderful personality, and more than amazing vocal skills. An exclusive interview....

The Junior Olsen Gang and the Black Gold (2009)

Although the story in The Junior Olsen Gang and the Black Gold does not shine with originality (a group of children defeating evil minded people), the film features a dynamic narrative and a group of adventures and laughs that make it enjoyable for people of all ages.

The Greatest Joke Ever (2010)

The Greatest Joke Ever brings one a sense of nostalgia of days gone by. It is a short film by Sterling Productions which relates the tale of a group of boys playing a practical joke on the new kid in the neighborhood.

Ulvepigen Tinke (2002)

The 2002 coming-of-age drama Ulvepigen Tinke (The Little Big Girl), based on the novel Hungerbarnet by Cecil Bodker, tells the story of an eight-year-old girl (Sarah Juel Werner) who has to take care of herself after the death of her parents. In these modern days, when most films are filled with violence and meaningless special effects, Ulvepigen Tinke is much more than just another childhood story.

Yohan – The Child Wanderer

If you are looking for a good family film to watch – the Norwegian Yohan - The Child Wanderer is a title you should definitely consider.

Sting (2007)

Sting (also known as Stikk ) is a short coming of age film from Norway. Written and directed by Vigdis Nielsen the film focuses on bullying. The film reveals the nature of the events that occur in the schoolyard which, while not reflected by the official records, are part of the daily life at most high schools.

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

Ti kniver i hjertet ( Cross My Heart and Hope to Die) is one of the coming of age films I have always wanted...

Varde (2008)

Lately I have noticed a trend of exellent short film being produced in Norway and/or other Scandinavian countries. I already wrote for two of...

When I Got Jesus With a Slingshot

When I got Jesus with a slingshot ( Da jeg traff Jesus... med sprettert) is a charming coming of age tale from Norway.  It...