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The Strange Ones (2011)

A 2011 short film about a man and a boy who travel to an unknown destination and a young woman who they encounter in a motel swimming pool.

The Armoire (2009)

The Armoire is a surrealistic film -- it's both mystery and drama and won best short film awards in Nashville and San Francisco. It contains a story that is both challenging and intriguing.

Traces (2009)

In the short film "Traces", a young narrator invites us to hear a story - a story about a boy named Timothy and his encounter with a witch. A fantasy fairy tale, the story of the film will feel familiar to many, reminiscent of the fairy tales we heard as youngsters.

BlinkyTM (2011)

The short film "BlinkyTM" tells the story of Alex (Max Records) and his friendship with a robot - Blinky. The movie grabs your attention and keeps it for the whole of its duration - just 12 minutes - but it's twelve minutes you won't forget.

Tommy The Kid

Tommy the Kid is a wonderful short film in which a boy's imagination and his adventures, as told by the Australian director Stuart Clegg, makes the reality and fantasy world blend into one truly engaging story. I don't hesitate to recommend it highly to the readers of

Billy’s Angel (2011)

Billy's Angel is a genuine and tender coming of age film that manages to fit more meaning into its twelve minutes than many expensive Hollywood blockbusters.

3rd Annual Coming of Age Movie Awards Recipients Named

TheSkyKid.Com is pleased to announce the winners of the 3rd Annual Coming of Age Movie Awards, which honor actors and movies in the coming of age genre.

The Greatest Joke Ever (2010)

The Greatest Joke Ever brings one a sense of nostalgia of days gone by. It is a short film by Sterling Productions which relates the tale of a group of boys playing a practical joke on the new kid in the neighborhood.

Most (2003)

Most is a story of a father and a son, of love and sacrifice. It's a film that will have an impact on you, causing you to search your own soul and perhaps lead you down a path of self discovery. It’s one of those films that will leave an everlasting imprint not only in your mind, but in your heart!