offers information on a wide variety of topics. The stands out above the rest in that it’s more than a loose collection of topics, it focuses on treble music, coming of age movies and young people in the performing arts. The reviews are well-written, making this site a great place to discover new music and movies.

Press release as of 10.Apr.2010 :, a site that focuses on coming of age movies and young talent in music and the performing arts, has observed significant growth since its launch back in 2006. Each day, the site receives an average of 3000 daily visitors from 198 different countries in the world (out of these, 192 are recognized by the United Nations).

In recent years, the site has  received media attention from the film and the music industries which allowed its authors to provide exclusive interviews with movie directors such as Stephen Ryder, Connor Clements, Lasse Nielsen, Frank Vitale and singers such as Vlad Krutskikh, Antonio Jose and Brendan Macfarlane.

In addition to the usual reviews of films and youthful musicians which has been the staple of this site from its inception, since last Fall the site has been documenting the phenomenal growth of the Elton John/Lee Hall production of Billy Elliot the Musical as that show has grown from a London beginning to Australia, Broadway and Chicago and soon to several other countries. Several articles profile all the current Billys in those productions as well as highlight many other aspects of the show.

Another exciting new addition to the site are the regular contributions of several guest authors who provide different perspectives on a variety of topics.

“We are excited about the increased interest in, and hope people take the time to read the articles on the site and post comments or questions they may have.” – said the site Administrator.


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