Top 10 Kids of Horror

    In honor of Halloween, we've compiled a Top Ten list of terrifying child actors who have starred in movies featuring nightmarish metaphors for the loss of innocence.

    The Value of Coming-of-Age Movies

    Coming-of-Age films fall into a genre of films with plots revolving around a young person's transition into adulthood. Explore their values in this article.
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    Bulgarian Coming of Age Movies

    Here are brief reviews of seven classic Coming-of-Age films from Bulgaria from the "Golden Age" of that genre in that country.

    The Ultimate Coming of Age Gang

    The Ultimate Coming of Age Gang

    Here is a compilation of the most compelling Coming-of-Age protagonists who, with their own idiosyncrasies, make up what would be the ultimate Coming-of-Age gang!
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    Getting Discovered on YouTube

    The author is an experienced evaluator of young talent and has offered to provide tips to young people who are seeking to break into the performing arts. The first of what may turn out to be a series of articles containing such information, dependent upon reader interest.

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    Best Child Performances of the Last Ten Years

    Five child actors who exhibit the talent that may win them Oscars one day.
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    Coming-of-Age Movies Featuring Girls

    It seems that Coming-of-Age movies about girls are not all that popular. But there are some great themes to look at in many of these movies.
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    Cyber Bullying

    Unfortunately, sometimes people (and especially young people) only become aware of the dangers that lurk online when something bad happens, and that something affects them or their relatives and friends.'s talks about Cyber Bullying...
    First Love in Coming-of-Age Movies

    First Love in Coming-of-Age Movies

    No matter how old you are or what part of town you lived in growing up, over the years the same conflicts and challenges surrounding the first loves of teenagers and young adults have been essentially been the same from generation to generation. Regardless which first love Coming-of-Age movie you choose to watch, you will be able to find a connection to your past.
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    Coming of age value in the 2011 movies

    A fan of the coming of age genre, recalls what he saw for the past one year and to what extent it affected him and left some marks in his memory.
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    The Top 5 German Coming-Of-Age Movies

    These could be considered the Top 5 German Coming-of-Age movies, and they are a great introduction for those who are new to films produced by this European country.
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    The Role of Nostalgia in Coming-of-Age Movies

    Coming-of-Age movies can exist in virtually any time period, because there are certain truths to growing up that almost everybody remembers. Anybody watching such a movie may be profoundly struck by how similar it was to their own experience growing up.