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    Canadian Cinema

    Coming of age movies produced in Canada or interviews with prolific Canadian filmmakers and actors .

    Mommy’s Little Boy (2017 TV Movie)

    A made for TV movie that manages to both intrigue and entertain its viewers.

    The Quarry (2010)

    A nostalgic short film of first love -- a sweet and tender story that is beautiful in its simplicity.

    Edge of Winter (2016)

    An excellent film with a well-told story and strong acting performances. Highly recommended to any fan of the Coming-of-Age genre.

    Dix et demi (2010)

    "This is not a film about childhood, it's a film about a different kind of childhood" Daniel Grou: Director

    The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet (2013)

    The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet is a film that can be enjoyed on many different levels: serious or playful, full of meaning or meaningless – yet at all-times entertaining.  

    Age of Summerhood (2013)

    Summerhood is a Coming-of-Age story filled with humor and anecdotes, but also a lot of insights about girls, love, friendship and life per se.
    A Shine of Rainbows

    A Shine of Rainbows (2009)

    If you are looking for a good family film for some Sunday afternoon - A Shine of Rainbows is a good pick. The film's focus is on human nature and spatiality, and its value lays in the moral lessons and the messages it transmits to its viewers.

    The Confirmation (2016)

    The Confirmation is a new film which has the unmistakable feel of an independent Canadian production, slightly art-house - serious and with a narrative focusing on real-life issues.
    Cast No Shadow

    Cast No Shadow (2014)

    Cast No Shadow has it all: a great cast, a unique narrative, stunning cinematography and a thought provoking finale. Recommended!

    The Saddest Boy in the World (2006)

    The Saddest Boy in the World is an avant-garde short film that explores the inner world of a young boy overwhelmed with dark thoughts on the verge of his ninth birthday.

    The Kid Brother (1987)

    Witnessing a young, disabled boy's personal triumph, something that we don't experience much in our adult life, is a rewarding experience, as portrayed in this Coming-of-Age film.

    Hold Fast (2013)

    Hold Fast is a simple, but sincere film -- the Coming-of-Age story of a 14-year-old boy who has suddenly lost both parents.