Luminous Motion (1998)

    A film featuring an unconventional childhood and a strong mother-son relationship, Luminous Motion is a mixture of a road film, Coming-of-Age drama and fantasy.

    Kisses (2017)

    A shocking and impactful film that attempts to embed Coming-of-Age experiences in a horror film narrative.

    King Jack (2015)

    King Jack delivers an excellent cinematic experience that ranks it right up there with some of the best Coming-of-Age movies.

    The School of Life (2017)

    The School of Life is a family-friendly film with Coming-of-Age motifs suitable for viewers of all ages.

    Tango argentino (1992)

    Tango Argentino is an original and unique film which has a special vibe of the Balkans and touches one’s heart with its emotional, wise story about the meeting between the sunrise and sunset of our lives.

    Cuernavaca (2017)

    Cuernavaca explores the fragile nature of a child's soul, whose world gets torn apart after a traumatic event.

    Out (2010) – short film

    This 2010 short film Out offers a haunting and surreal observation of the interactions of a young boy and his mother.

    Beyond the Horizon (2019)

    Beyond the Horizon is a captivating Coming-of-Age film which focuses on change and the complexity of human relationships.

    The Story of Cino – The Child Who Crossed the Mountain (2013)

    An easygoing, family-friendly movie  featuring beautiful panoramic scenery.

    Worlds We Created (2013)

    A 12-year-old boy suddenly finds himself in a daring situation in this short film by director/writer Nicholas Santos.
    Little Criminals (1995)

    Little Criminals (1995)

    Little Criminals is Coming of age story that will keep you glued to the screen.

    Orphans & Kingdoms

    Orphans & Kingdoms (2014)

    A perplexing portrayal of juvenile delinquency intertwined with grief and trauma. A unique take on the fragility of the human soul.