Bad Manners (1984)

    Bad Manners is a bizarre satire of life in the 80s in the USA – ridiculous, but so funny at times. While you may not get much out of it, boy is it wicked fun to watch!

    No Letting Go (2015)

    No Letting Go is a Coming-of-Age film which recounts the trials and tribulations of a young boy suffering from a bipolar disorder, following his life from infancy through adolescence.

    The Angel Doll (2002)

    For those looking for an easy going/feel good film, The Angel Doll will fit the bill perfectly.

    Good Boys (2019)

    In Good Boys, child actor Jacob Tremblay partners with other up-and-coming fresh-faced youngsters in order to do all kinds of mischief.

    Parents (1989)

    Parents is an excellent and unjustly neglected horror-comedy-Coming-of-Age film from a very talented director.

    Snow in August (2001)

    A young boy befriends a Jewish rabbi after witnessing a Jewish merchant being beaten up by racist thugs, leaving the boy and his mother fearful for their lives.

    Mid90s (2018)

    Mid90s is one of the most refreshing Coming-of-Age dramas released in 2018.

    Breaking Brooklyn (2018)

    A Coming-of-Age film with dancing as a central motif.

    The Witch in the Window (2018)

    Just in time for Halloween, a scary film with a Coming-of-Age motif and a talented and charismatic young actor in one of its lead roles.

    Lost in Yonkers (1993)

    The story of the peculiar experiences of two young teen brothers who were sent to stay with their stern German grandmother and childlike aunt in Yonkers, New York in the summer of 1942.

    Just Like Dad (1995)

    An easy going family-friendly flick that turns into a perfect choice for a laid back Sunday afternoon.

    And Then I Go (2017)

    A story of teenage anguish, confusion, aspirations, failures, and ultimately loss of innocence, resulting in a contemporary and compelling Coming-of-Age drama.