Beyond the Horizon (2019)

    Beyond the Horizon is a captivating Coming-of-Age film which focuses on change and the complexity of human relationships.

    The Story of Cino – The Child Who Crossed the Mountain (2013)

    An easygoing, family-friendly movie  featuring beautiful panoramic scenery.

    Along the Ridge (Anche libero va bene)

    An Italian Coming-of-Age drama with a strong accent on the interpersonal relationship within the family.

    The Black Man (2009)

    A Coming-of-Age film in which the main protagonist told from a child's perspective, progressively inventive, mischievous and dazzling – all mixed in with bittersweet nostalgia.

    Daniel fait face (2018)

    Daniel, 10 years old, gets lost in the school corridors. He catches Marthe changing in the dressing room. Between the two children a new relationship will be forged.

    The New Kid (2015)

    The New Kid is a Coming-of-Age flick which delivers the right doses of comedy and drama to engage and entertain - the best French Coming-of-Age film I have seen. A MUST SEE!

    Before the Storm (2000)

    The Swedish drama "Before the Storm" features two life stories which tangle together resulting in a captivating and engaging narrative that won't leave anyone indifferent.

    Reinventing Marvin (2017)

    The story of the struggles of a homosexual boy growing up in a working house family in rural France.

    Markus and Diana (1996)

    An entertaining comedy with strong Coming-of-Age motifs.

    Torn (2003)/Zerwany

    Film protagonist Krzysztof Ciupa's acting performance and the movie's score are the strong points of the Polish film "Torn".

    The World of Ludovic (1993)

    For those who have read Romeo and Juliet - and liked it - you would also enjoy The World of Ludovic as a prime example of good European Coming-of-Age cinema.

    Star Boys (2017)

    Rebellion, friendship, confusion and the inevitable loss of one's innocence – all motifs one expects to see in a rite-of-passage film -- are present in Star Boys.