Short films

The Darkness is Close Behind (2011)

The Darkness is Close Behind is a story of failures, maturity and responsibility that won't leave you indifferent.


Coming of age movies vs the rest

Tonight I watched two movies with my dad – one he wanted me to see and another one which I wanted him to see....

Introducing Robert Levey II

If you're looking for a kid who can sing, Robert Levey II is your guy! He's well known for his tender voice and the immense talent he displays in his songs.

Introducing Jensen Gering

He might look like a model (and he is), but it is clear that 12 year old Jensen Gering is also a singer and a musician with a lot more to deliver.

Introducing Daniel Porter

Introducing up and coming musician Daniel Porter -- a 14 year old (at the time of this writing) guitar player and singer.

Introducing Rutger Garekht

Rutger Garekht has the ability to transmit the emotions and the mood of his songs to the audience in an immaculate manner.

Kain Rivers: The Boy with Three Names

A young singer whose talents make him one to watch for in the future.

Book Review: What Cathy Saw and other stories

A highly original, well-written collection of four whimsical, yet often intense, short stories.

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