Kain Rivers: The Boy with Three Names

    A young singer whose talents make him one to watch for in the future.

    The Tyler Project: Introducing Tyler Lorette

    Introducing Tyler Lorette with a review of three well-produced songs that reveal his charmingly clear voice and asserts his musical ability.

    Introducing Ty Lewis

    A 15-year-old singer from Billingham, England with voice that conveys a smokey adolescent charm.

    Introducing Max & Mango

    The music of Max & Mango, a talented French duo, is energetic and vibrant, filled with positive vibes that appeal to audiences of all ages.

    Introducing Sara Martin

    Sara Martin is a 14-year-old actress from Barcelona, Spain. Learn more about her in this introduction.

    Introducing Singer/Songwriter Henno William

    Henno William is a young, South African singer/songwriter with the ability to make a huge impression on the world music scene soon.

    Introducing The Fandinos

    Introducing the twin brother team of Jacob and Nolan Fandino. Their exciting sound which, at just 12-years-old, just keeps getting better.

    Introducing Marko Bosnjak

    Eleven-year- old Marko Bošnjak, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, sings in a way that belies his tender years, stirring strong emotions in his listeners.

    Georgi Dolgolenko (Gregory): Moscow’s Magic Voice

    Georgi Dolgolenko is a young singing sensation from Moscow who is destined to very rapidly become known and appreciated worldwide.

    Introducing Ranel Bogdanov

    Popular ten-year-old Russian vocalist Ranel Bogdanov has an amazing stage presence with an upcoming schedule that is filled with interviews and concerts.

    Introducing Karoline Rhett

    Introducing a beautiful and talented young singer from South Carolina -- Karoline Rhett.

    Introducing Felix Bosques Harima

    Meet Felix Bosques Harima, a young artist from Seattle with a great creative talent.