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    Oliver! at Trinity Rep: A Review

    Trinity Rep's Oliver!  is all about theatrical moments, all about telling the story and not worrying about spectacle. It's "gritty", but also fun and entertaining.

    Treasure Island The Musical

    The Russian production of Treasure Island is by the Circus and Theater Company "Aquamarine" and is wowing audiences in Moscow. 

    Annie the Musical

    Annie the Musical

    This Fall, Broadway will shine with a revival of the classic show "Annie" to be called "Annie the Musical". The show has announced its young child cast including Annie herself.

    Project X – The Musical

    Eric Gelb has written, co-directs and stars in a totally teen created/acted show called "Project X - a Musical" -- a production focusing on the Coming-of-Age experiences of four teens on their voyage to adulthood. caught up with Eric for an exclusive interview.

    How I Will Miss Billy Elliot the Musical

    Now that the Canadian production of "Billy Elliot the Musical" has closed, all that is left for the Billy-bewitched in the Toronto area is to lament its passing, hoping only that, perhaps, one day they might make the trip to New York or London to see it there. For now, here's one writer's "lament" about how he will miss this wonderful show.
    Katia Nicole

    Katia Nicole

    Katia Nicole is 11 years old and lives in Homestead, Florida. Her parents are from Puerto Rico and are of Colombian decent. She started...

    The art of Pierre Joubert

    Not long ago, I introduced you to the art of Norman Rockwell. Today, I would like to introduce another famous illustrator - Pierre Joubert.  He was...

    Norman Rockwell

    Recently I reviewed the book Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon - while I was doing the review I stumbled upon the art of  Norman...
    Marcel Pietruch

    Marcel Pietruch

    A german friend of mine showed me an amazing performance of Marcel Pietruch - done for the the show Das Super Talent. Das Super Talent is the German version of America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent;
    Alexey Goloborodko

    Alexey Goloborodko

    He is a 14 years old dancing contortionist from Tula, Russia and is apparently famous worldwide thanks to his participation in the Russian show " Minute of Glory".

    Treijim’s Art

    I suppose you could say I met Sky KID by accident, but when he asked me to feature my own art on his blog,...