Norman Rockwell

little_boy_writing_a_letterRecently I reviewed the book Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon – while I was doing the review I stumbled upon the art of  Norman Rockwell .  I was to choose illustrations for my the review of the  book  – I could hardly thing of anything more suitable that his drawings.

Norman Rockwell was  a 20th century American painter and illustrator  .His early works were produced for St. Nicholas Magazine, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) publication Boys’ Life and other juvenile publications.

The illustrations of Rockwell are easy to recognize – his sentimental view of the world is what attracted me to his art. Plus he lived and worked in New England – a favorite region of mine in the US ( the only one I have been in anyway ). I hope that you would enjoy his art as much as I do.

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  1. yeah…ive loved norman rockwell's art since i was a kid. growing up, i would go over to my grandmothers house where she would get these calenders with his paintings as the pictures in the mail and id just sit there and look at them for hours. i dont know why i loved them… i felt compelled to just sit there and look at them.i guess i didnt really get out much…haha. but he is an awesome artist that had an outlook on the world that very few people had / have. although ive never even been close to new england, its one of places to go before i die.

  2. I also love Norman Rockwell and New England. Recently, I've had the good fortune of being able to visit all but one of the several homes Rockwell lived in during his long life in New England, including Stockbridge where he lived at the end of his life and where his museum is today. That museum includes his last studio. It was amazing to stand in the space where he created such wonderful pieces of art that reflected his view of everyday life.


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