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Marcel Pietruch

Marcel PietruchA German friend of mine showed me an amazing performance of Marcel Pietruch – done for the the show Das Super Talent.Das Super Talent is the German version of America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent; remarkably successful show programs.Marcel is a hip – hop dancer and is good at that he does. His dance may look like an easy thing at first – but I can assure you that achieving such a perfection is a matter of hard training and above all requires serious dedication. One  has to be really into music – to dance the way Marcel does – and he is only ten years old  :

 Marcel sets an example for someone who has a real talent and is confident enough to go on stage and show it ( many others do that – but lack either the talent or the confidence ). RTL which holds the rights for Das Super Talent show recently aired a back stage clip featuring interview of him, his mom and schoolmates .  The dancing of Marcel reminds  of the brake-dance team from Russia who participated in their local version of the show ” Minute Fame ” –  Udi Junior

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  1. Yes, I have seen his performance on CW – there is no doubt that he is a talented little guy ! The show “Supertalent” is completely rubbish, though…

    As it is said in the clip, this is his second year of participating, last year he managed to reach the semi-finals. It seems like he wants to win this year… Anyway, I just hope that he will be able to have further successes that have nothing to do with this show and the tv-station (one of the worst in germany!) which is airing it. Best wishes from my side, Marcel !


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