Alexey Goloborodko

Alexey Goloborodko

I stumbled upon one of the videos of Alexey at you tube accidentally – and am go glad that I did. He is a 14 years old dancing contortionist from Tula, Russia and is apparently famous worldwide thanks to his participation in the Russian show ” Minute of Glory”. To this day I have not seen anyone as flexible as he is – I would permanently damage myself  even if I try the most simplest thing he does. Abundant with talent Alexey also have to work a lot in the gym and everyday he spends there 3 to 45 hours . In fact one of the rooms in the flat he lives at is transformed into a gym for practicing in his “free time”. His trainer calls his directions  “rubber Dance” – symbiotic dance, sport, circus art.According to hm, Allexey is a  extraordinarily hard-working boy who always follows his direction and is determined to improve his skills. Enjoy his amazing performance


Note ! You will be able to find many others clips of his art on youtube

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  1. This contortionist is truly one of the most talented I have ever seen. I was watching the show “america’s got talent” a few weeks ago and there was a contortionist in one of the rounds, but did not even come close to this kind of talent. Amazing. Thanks for showing this


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