Introducing Christian Lalama

    Introducing Christian Lalama, a 13-year-old Canadian musical artist who's star is on the rise.

    Alexandru and Suite 16

    The result of the reality show Project Boyband, Suite 16 has a new song out and a concert coming up in Oslo.

    On Drums: Michel Drummer

    An 11-year-old boy from Hawaii with a natural talent to pick up intricate beats and pound out steady rock music.

    Introducing Jag Bentley

    RJ Mendera introduces readers to a young Aussie artist from whom the best is yet to come!

    Introducing Trajce Georgiev

    It's not often we hear of young talent from East Europe and the Balkans. It's certainly a pleasure, then, to discover and promote such gems as Trajce Georgiev.

    Introducing John Robert Rimel

    Who is John Robert Rimel? RJ Mendera introduces this young artist from Virginia.

    Introducing Will Homewood

    An up and coming young singer from Horley, in Oxfordshire, UK, Will Homewood is busy honing his craft.

    Introducing Die Choirjungen

    Die Choirjungen is a boy band consisting of three former members of the famous German choir The Augsburg Cathedral Boys’ Choir. Their debut album is due to be released in April, 2014.

    Charlie Green: A New Start

    At the age of 11a new smooth voice has emerged pulsing with a young man’s steady, new-lived virtuosity.

    Sheridan Archbold

    Sheridan Archbold: The Youngest Male Opera Singer

    When one hears Sheridan Archbold perform Caruso, it's apparent he was born to sing Opera.

    mike singer

    Mike Singer: A Year Under the Spotlight

    A year after he was introduced to readers of, Mike Singer has shown some noteworthy development.

    Gaia Cauchi sensational

    Gaia Cauchi: The Birth of a Star

    Gaia Cauchi had just won the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She's a girl who knew that she could do it -- a girl from a small village on a small island with a huge future!