Vox Angeli

Vox Angeli

The first album of Vox Angeli was released few days ago (February 4, 2008) and it seems that it has gained popularity judging from...
Boys Air Choir

Boys Air Choir

It had been a while since I wrote a music related post - and yet music has a special place in my life -...
Sam Verlinden

Sam Verlinden “Superlative Virtuoso”

New Zealand Born Sam Verlinden has proven to be more than just a good singer and stage performer. Sam has gained the ability to capture the essence of a song and pour it out like a fine wine for his listeners. This young entertainer is headed for greatness in the very near future!

Julia Belanoff: Timeless Music with a Modern Twist

With the voice of an angel and the soul of an artist, 16-year-old Julia Belanoff is a rising soprano whose music is peaceful and uplifting; the kind, she says, that teenagers, parents and grandparents can enjoy, together.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Each year, young singers and their supporters impatiently await the biggest festival in the world – the Junior Eurovision Song festival. Read about this year's festival in this article.

Hanson – Rocking the world since 1994

The music of Hanson is the soundtrack of my childhood.They are rocking the world once again with five amazing concerts at NYC Gramercy Theater .

Leo Howard

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvHQdK-UC6M Leo Howard, age 12 , was born in Newport Beach , CA.  Leo is a remarkable young actor, one you're really going to have...
Frank Dixon Headshot

Introducing Frank Dixon

Thirteen-year-old Frank Dixon is a fast-rising singing star from Australia, receiving kudos for his songwriting and performing and for his marvelous acting skills.

Germany’s Next big Super Star!

This past September we spent some time in Australia followed up with just a short flight across the ocean to New Zealand. This month...
child actors

Best Child Performances of the Last Ten Years

Five child actors who exhibit the talent that may win them Oscars one day.

Introducing Trajce Georgiev

It's not often we hear of young talent from East Europe and the Balkans. It's certainly a pleasure, then, to discover and promote such gems as Trajce Georgiev.

Straalen McCallum

Straalen McCallum, a 10 year old Australian boy and rather unkown singer in some cases, has a voice that to me is nothing short of grand.