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elie-dupuisI have heard of Elie Deupis before , but it was a recent recommendation from a friend that made me waiting to write an article about him. At the moment I am listening to his song Band Band – recorded for the soundtrack of the French film ” Mommy is at the Hairdresser’s ” and am really striked by his voice and the emotions he delivers while singing . ( I am also trying to remember where I have heard that song before – it was another treble performer – but his name has slipt out of my mind ).( another great performance of the song is the one of Nancy Sinatra – but I don`t have her in mind )

Listen Bang Bang performed by Elie Dupuis :

Elie’s family got a piano when he was 10 years old. After only two years of practice he sent a demo to a Canadian program called La Fureur.Because of his appearance on La Fureur he was chosen for one of the main roles for the film Maman est chez le Coiffeur (2008) where he shows off his musical skills.

Also in 2007, he was invited to Telethon Operation Enfant Soleil, where he met Annie Villeneuve who will give him his first song. He will join on stage to Charlemagne in a duo.

He performs regularly on the stage of Théâtre Hector-Charland, among others the benefit of the Fondation des Auberges du Heart, an organization that hosts youth homelessness or experiencing difficulties.

Elijah said he was “delighted” to live this experience with professionals who, like him, “vibrate for art.

The Blog of Elie at SkyRock

Do you like the musical of Elie Dupuis ? Do you know something more about him – not listed there . Send me a comment or a message @skykid ( in twitter )


  1. He’s a very talented singer! :) I read an interview with him earlier this month, where he mentioned a CD he’s working on. But he said he wasn’t in a hurry, and would use the time it’ll take to finish it.. So I’m not sure when, but at least it seems like an album will be available sometime in the future:)

    • I really hope that he will release an album. He is one of the young singers that has managed to retain significant fan base just by doing lives performances – and well enjoying himself

  2. I have recently discovered quite an active french site http://kidsvocal.over-blog.com/ which also has well maintained forum. I would like to believe that the language is not an issue – as even trough I enjoy French cinema and music ( and just love the French countryside ( , I can only manage a few sentences . However there is an active community and I am sure that there are people who could have dealt with translations …etc. And no I was not aware of your site – now I am. I know several people who maintain fan web sites of singers , band or actors and it is sometimes the case that the fan site is better than the official one. Of course most of the people I refer to are in touch either with the parents or agent of the person they write about as that`s the way to get the most accurate information. In any case as you have seen my introduction of Ellie is not that detailed and I am sure you know much more things about him and his music and career – so if you decide do to a more representative article about him I would gladly have you as a guest author at theskykid.com …well its just an idea – but you have my contact form if you would like to discus it further.

  3. I certainly agree with you about his talent. I think he is fantastic and yes a CD would be great although he seems to be quieter lately and maybe having voice change problems? You've probably seen the domain name that I own and I have offered, (to his father) to build a website at no cost or to pass the domain to him, again at no cost, but had no reply. Maybe couldn't understand my French!

  4. I personally am disappointed that Elie never released an album or at least his songs on amazon or itunes. He is one of the most talented singers I know and I am sure that many would have appreciated that.

  5. There is no doubt that Elie is a very great talent. My only concern is if he or his advisers restrict him to a more limited audience in Quebec. I am English and, very regrettably, have detected some anti English / American from his advisers. I hope I'm wrong and I shall continue to follow and support him whatever.

  6. Thanks for the review! I absolutely love his music, and hope that he plans on making a cd in the near future.

    I agree with ikarus that boy soloists can be rare. I try to find the good in each one!

  7. Yeah, it is good that you are introducing him once again ! I think that he is one great talent – far beyond other singers like Troye Sivan, for example. Although one should not compare young singers, fo course – since they are kind of rare (at least those who really have success). Anyway, my favourite performance of him is the title “The Great Escape”, which has been in a little music video for “Mommy Is At The Hairdressers”; just like the “Bang Bang” you posted here. It is so remarkable… his voice, the emotions… such a great talent !


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