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Liam James – Introduction

Liam JamesMost people would know Liam James from the short flashbacks at the beginning  of every Psych episode, where he plays the young Shawn. His acting career   however, contains many more titles. He was first seen in Good Luck Chuck, followed by Things We Lost in the Fire — where he appeared as an extra only for few seconds.

In Fred Claus, he played the character of the young Fred,  while in Horsemen he was the son of Dennis Quaid’s character – a detective who’s after a brutal serial  killer. Then he started appearing,  on a regular basis,  in the episodes of Psych, where he perfectly portrays the young Shawn in flashbacks showing  moments  from his childhood.  It was because of these episodes that people started to notice him. He also had a short, but noticeable, appearance in an episode of Fear Itself.

Liam James 2Undoubtedly, it can be said that his actual breakthrough came this year with the release  of Roland Emerich’s blockbuster 2012, the  film about a  global cataclysm which strikes the world on the winter solstice of 2012,  according to the Mayan calendar.   In this catastrophic flick, Liam James   is featured, along with John Cusack.  Portraying Cusack’s son,   Liam delivers a brilliant performance people will definitely remember. While  filming  2012, he  also did  some of his own stunts while submerged.

Hopefully,  2012 will finally launch Liam into the galaxy of stars and we will see a lot more from this talented young man.

This article is a guest contribution by William Spenser.


  1. I saw him in “Alien vs. Predator 2”. He was brilliant but unfortunately he said a few words and the he was killed by alien.

  2. Love Liam James in 2012! His portrayal of Cusack's son in the movie is exceptional… An excellent young actor…

  3. Ok, so I really loved 2012. Maybe it's just the American in me but I didn't mind at all the cliche as I thought it sent some really good messages, at least to me.
    And I think Liam did awesome. I expect and hope for a bright future for him. He was right on point.

    He played off of Cusack quite nicely. I also thought it was neat that you had some of the same cast from Martian Child.

  4. I saw 2012 three days ago and I was very impressed by Liam James acting. I actually didn't know him before. I really hope he will get more attention in the future, he's just a great actor.

  5. Thanks for that review.
    And I totally understand what you are saying about American filmaking and the cliche. Just one of the things we have to deal with over here haha. But I will let you know once I see it!

  6. I saw 2012 just an hour ago and my opinion about it is rather mixed. First from the article and his fan site I expected that Liam James would have more screen time in the film itself – while in reality he has a support role similar to the one Nathan Gamble had in ” The mist “. Of course he delivered a very good performance for the time he spent on screen – a clear indicator for that are the many people who are trying to find more information about him after seeing the film who stumble on my blog. The film itself has its good moments – the special effects and some very emotional scenes – but as an American blockbuster I found it a bit cliched – in a way it portrayed people and the development of the plot. That being said I enjoyed my time in the cinema and would be interested to know what`s your take on the film when you see it.

    I have very high opinion of the Canadian cinema in general and would be glad to see a full feature film coming from there with Liam in the lead role. As William wrote in his article I hope that 2012 will help Liam achieve more international recognition and expect to see more of him in the feature.

  7. That is so cool! I look forward to seeing that film, and am a big fan of Cusack. I also look forward to hearing and learning more about Liam. God Bless him.


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