The wonders of YouTube : Greyson Michael Chance

Greyson Michael Chance

Greyson Michael Chance the hype

The power of social media never ceases to amaze me. Ever since Bestpi wrote his article, entitled YouTube – The Largest Casting Call in History, things have been happening that confirm his writings.  Nowadays, you sing a song, upload it to the web and, with a bit of luck, before you know it you are an internationally known star.  The media notices you, people send messages on Twitter about your songs, various blogs do an article on you calling you a promising young star, and TV and Radio hosts are inviting you to their shows. It has happened before  – Justin BiberJordan Jansen , Brendan MacFarlane , Noa Johannesson – to name but a few.

Now it has happened again.  This time the spotlight is on 12- year-old Greyson Michael Chance who recently performed Lady Gaga’s song  Paparazzi at a local school festival:

Greyson Michael Chance – Paparazzi.


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The video quickly became viral on YouTube.  Just yesterday, when I found out about Greyson for the very first time, the video had 2,000,000 views. Today, when I decided to do an article on him, the view count exceeds 8,000,000. That is truly astonishing!

Of course, the fact that he was invited to be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show I’m sure influenced that tremendous increase of views, based on his performance on Ellen. I was impressed with his piano skills and liked the fact that he writes his own songs. That’s very important for every young singer — as a cover of a famous singer may get him noticed, but it’s his own creativity and talent that is going to send him on a journey to true stardom. I am not personally that fond of Lady Gaga, but he really added his own style to her song – and that  is what made his performance so special.

And Greyson recognizes that.  In his interview with Ellen, he talks about how he admires Lady Gaga for her individuality and how he’s tried to emulate her in that regard.

Greyson Michael Chance

Greyson Michael Chance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

I was also impressed with his apparent comfort and interview skills while appearing on a big, nationally syndicated TV show.  At one point during the interview, Ellen poked fun at Greyson showing a still photo of a couple of young ladies sort of rolling their eyes in that school audience as he was performing Paparazzi. Greyson, joking right back said something to the effect that he didn’t know about them, but he “got a couple of phone numbers” out of that performance.  Ellen said that after his appearance on her show, she suspected he may get a few more numbers.

And a few more views on his youtube channel.  Watch out for this young man.  With his talent, he’s definitely on his journey to stardom.

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  1. I am happy to say that I was right in my prediction for Greyson Chance. I myself am fan of his music and listen to his songs almost daily.

  2. He did more that that . He was ready for the success even it it came as a surprise . Just note how we acted on the both appearances with Ellen – like he has always been in front of TV cameras . Capturing the audience with his honestly and compassion. He sings songs from his heart and is a very good musician. Ever since I first spotted him I decided to give all support I can to this young performer and so far this proved to me the right decision .

  3. This kid while one in a million, is also extremely fortunate to have had fame come so quickly! There are literally thousands of kids his age trying to bust out of their living rooms into yours through the media of You Tube! You never know when the right person of influence is watching or will see your next video. Greyson made the right performance at the right time and posted it to You Tube at the precise time for one of Ellen's Producers to see his post! Greyson is pronominal there is not doubt about that but he also serves as one more reminder for every youngster desiring instant fame that You-Tube is definably the best way to the public eye for this new generation of stardom seekers!

  4. Yey you are back commenting …and how right you are – everyone is over Greyson Michael Chance now. Run his name on Google and you will see . Its a big , big thing and it does seems that he is enjoying the attention which is good as he strikes me as very easy going and friendly person …and the boy is smart …the way he handled his first big TV interview…

  5. Ahh, I am glad that I know have some informations on this guy that everyone seems to be talking about ;-)

    So, thanks for setting up this post. I am sure he will receive even more attention from know on. Who knows where this could lead him to… maybe even a CD-release, or more live performances… ? In any case, seems like he's enjoying it.

    Greetings, Ikarus

  6. Greyson is a very talented young man. I seen the show his piano playing is right on he has great vocals , he is the whole package. Ellen also did one other thing that made his day, she had Lady GaGa call him on the show, he was very excited about that. He presents himself very well indeed from what I can see he truly deserved being found….

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