Introducing Karoline Rhett

About a year ago, someone suggested I check out Karoline Rhett. When I did, I found an amazing singer. She has a beautiful voice.  I started listening to her covers on her YouTube channel and I started liking them and began following her on Twitter.

I loved her songs, so decided to promote her on Twitter and she replied to my tweets and followed me. Based on how mature she looks and her tweeting I thought she was about 17-years-old. I was in for a surprise when I found out her age. This beautiful and very talented girl was only 14-years-old!

I checked out her website and, when I did, one of her beautiful songs immediately struck me. Visitors to her site are welcomed with her original song I’m The Melody.  I already knew the song from her YouTube channel, where there was only a lyric video, with the announcement the official video would follow soon.

The videos on her site aren’t all of just Karoline alone. There are several others with a talented Canadian singer Beamer Wigley. I later found out that he wasn’t only an artist she’s done some covers with, but also that he is her close friend. Here’s a cover they did together of the Pink song Just Give Me A Reason:

Then came a project called Unstoppable by a British Artist promotion group called Big Pure Talent. One of the songs of that project was a collab between Karoline and several other artists (Alexandru, Beamer Wigley, Sapphire, Liberty Grant, Griffin Tucker, Carmen Wyler). They covered We Are The World. Then the waiting for the CD with all the songs from the project began. Karoline was also featured on the CD and I was happy with the song she chose. It was Big World, a tune that clearly shows her vocal skills. The song is also featured on her second CD Melody, which was released in 2013 when she was still 12-years-old.

But who is exactly Karoline Rhett? And when did her musical adventure begin?

Karoline was born 24-Aug-2000 in Charleston, South Carolina. She was only three-years-old when she knew she wanted to sing. Being pulled on stage by Amy Grant, she wasn’t frightened at all. She loved it and the audience loved her. It would take a few more years before she would release a CD. In 2010, she was introduced to Joe Taylor and it resulted in a CD called Stirring Rainbows on which she co-wrote some of the songs. I had never heard that CD until I got it this year. And, just like Melody, it’s a great CD.

The CD Melody wasn’t recorded with Joe Taylor, but with Nashville producer Dean Miller. Nashville (home of country music) is Karoline’s home away from home. She goes there regularly to work on new songs, which will lead to an album to be released later this year. And from the previews I’ve heard, this one is going to be an amazing album again.

Credit: Videos in this article by krhett902

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