Lights, Camera, Singer: Introducing Offenburg’s Mike Singer

    One of the new breed of online vocalists, 13-year-old Mike Singer is from Offenburg, Germany -- who's music is featured in videos that are visual masterpieces created by Vichy Ratey.

    Leo Howard

    httpv:// Leo Howard, age 12 , was born in Newport Beach , CA.  Leo is a remarkable young actor, one you're really going to have...

    Alexandru and Suite 16

    The result of the reality show Project Boyband, Suite 16 has a new song out and a concert coming up in Oslo.
    Abraham Mateo

    Abraham Mateo – Adagio

    Abraham Mateo is only twelve -- yet he's well on his way to becoming a legend. When he sings - I feel the music, feel its message. For me, this results in a unique listening experience. As he matures, his voice gets even stronger and his ability to cover the songs of others ever better. Here's an update since's earlier interview with the young singer.

    Yatharth Ratnum Rastogi

    Yatharth Ratnum Rastogi -a young treble from India I am absolutely astonished by the young talents that exist in this world, sharing their talent with...

    Introducing Jag Bentley

    RJ Mendera introduces readers to a young Aussie artist from whom the best is yet to come!

    Introducing Trajce Georgiev

    It's not often we hear of young talent from East Europe and the Balkans. It's certainly a pleasure, then, to discover and promote such gems as Trajce Georgiev.

    AJ Silva: The Journey to Success

    It's been a very busy time at ajsilmusic. Catch up on the latest about 13-yr-old singer/musican/dancer AJ Silva.

    Dylan and Cole Sprouse

    From the early 1990's, twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse have been entertaining television and movie viewers. This article profiles their careers and talks about what's next for the talented duo.

    Emanuel Zekic

    Introduction to the young Serbian singer Emanuel Zekic

    Liam James

    Most people would know Liam James from the short flashbacks at the beginning of every Psych episode, where he plays the young Shawn.

    Introducing Die Choirjungen

    Die Choirjungen is a boy band consisting of three former members of the famous German choir The Augsburg Cathedral Boys’ Choir. Their debut album is due to be released in April, 2014.