Nicolai Kielstrup

nikolaiSince he won the MGP 2005 for Denmark, 18 year old Nicolai Kielstrup’s success has grown enormously. He really is an extremely talented singer/dancer and has already released three albums, one single and performed lots of concerts.

His career in music and dance began when he won MGP 2005. But dance training began much earlier. From the age of 4 he was very much interested in dancing hip hop, street, breakdance and funk. When he became 10, he started at Legoland Show Academy, where he was skilled in dance and drama for two years. It was also here that the young boy, for the first time, began to show his interest for the songs and to develop his voice.

Educated from Legoland Show Academy, Nicolai had the courage to seize the chance and make a song for MGP. Soon the young boy got selected and became included into the program. He and his three dancing girls won the show with ‘Shake – Shake – Shake’ and so his career started to become what it is nowadays.

At that time, nobody could foresee that the talented performer would have his third album on the streets by 2009. But when Nicolai sets himself a goal, he goes right after it and it is clear that he is very ambitious about his music and dance.

“I am probably the person who has the greatest expectations for myself. I am very much a perfectionist about my music and my performances and I am always working to make them as good as possible. If I am not completely satisfied, then I will discard everything and start all over until I am completely satisfied”, says  the purposeful singing and dancing talent.

Music and dance are a big part of Nicolai’s life. And because he was so young when he started to sing and dance, he develops himself with music like the music evolves with him.

“I can clearly feel that I have developed myself from album to album. For example, I discovered that my messages have become more serious on my latest CD. One of the tracks is death – the losing of one you love- and I was certainly too young to sing about that three years ago. But it is obviously not serious messages all the time”, says the young Jutlander with a twinkle in his eye and continues…

“I also find that music is a good tool to find myself and get really mature. The music evolves with me and I develop myself with music – it is mutual.”

With his weekly dance hours in Copenhagen, regular singing hours, work in the studio and appearances on weekends, the 18-year-old heart throb also finds the time to attend Business College in Vejle.

Nicolai now has his own dog. It is a golden retriever who has been named Bonzo. The singer has always enjoyed the company of these kinds of dogs. Already since he was a child. There were two families who both had golden retrievers and Nicolai spent lots of hours playing with the dogs. One of them was also called Bonzo. When the family visited the kennel Nicolai had two favourite puppies and one of them was the 10 weeks old Bonzo. It is a very independent, clever, curious, forward-rushing and loving dog. But most important is that when Nicolai comes home he gets a super-welcome.


  • Nicolai, 2006 – sold 30.000 copies and resulted in platinum
  • Stage 2, 2007 – sold 25.000 copies and resulted in gold
  • Dejavu – Tilbage til mig, 2009 (+ Diva Baby in English)


  • Det for sent nu, November 2008

New demo songs in English

  • Still care, December 2009
  • Figure it out, December 2009




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  1. Having a Dutch / Swedish heritage I am always interested to see what is going on in that part of the country! Although Hip-Hop has never been my thing I am always intrigued with the amount of energy that needs to be exerted when they sing and dance to this type of music. I guess this is why rap melds so well with this music as it is very difficult to sing and go through the routine necessary to carry out the performance shown in this article. Because he was unable to showcase any singing voice in this performance I was very interested to follow his link to his website and listen to his new sample recordings. What I found was an extremely talented singer with a very good vibe! He has a wonderful tenor voice and I was very delighted to find his music to be top notch! This is one young man who has it going on. Congratulations Nicolai and thanks Jonas for the article!

  2. Hello Nikolai,

    I really liked your song ” Still care ” and also ” Figure it out “. I have noted the sound you are going to…yet I think that some balads would really suit your voice.

  3. Somehow I have missed the hype around Nicolai Kielstrup back in 2005. That`s why I am glad that Jonas decided to do an article about him – stating that his talent is quite astonishing and deserves to be mentioned on the blog. It was interesting for me to find out that his song ” 'Shake-Shake-Shake” was inspired by Razz ( Rasmus Ott ) – who is a long time favorite of mine – with me listening to the songs of his CD quite often ( and also having a concert DVD ) . This on itself only confirms that the young stars who receive enough publicity inspire others to becomes stars on their own – and this is a huge achievement for anyone. The quotes of Nikolai used in the article focus on his determination and personal development and made me interested to hear his recent works.

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