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Vincent LintermansHis name is Vincent Lintermans.

But everyone calls him Vince! To make it a bit easier to remember. He is born on March 10th, 1997 and lives in Landen, Belgium. Vince participated in the Junior Euro Song Contest with the song ‘Al Fluitend Door Het Leven’ in 2008. He is now attending the 6th year before heading to college. Vince doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, but he really likes dogs, fish, birds and goats. Now that isn’t heard often. He is a jolly boy.


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His nicest memory of the JESC is Disneyland Resort Paris, with MC Louis in the Space Mountain.

Vince has got a love for animals and old(er) people. And hates people who pick their nose and jealousy. He also gets the nerves of waiting. But his heart begins beating faster when he sees a beautiful girl.

Together with his mum, Vince goes jogging six kilometres every week. Such a good workout comes out in handy because he sometimes blows his entire lung capacity on the trumpet, which is great to hear. Vince is part of a youth choir for two years now and does some solos as well.

Vince wants to become a singer, actor or musician. And so his dream is to go far in the entertainment business.


Song: ‘Hoe Mooi De Wereld Is’

Ketnetpop 2009 Vince Hoe mooi de wereld is HQ

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If you ask Vince who his best friend is, he doesn’t have to think long. Fhara, his dog. She knows all of his secrets and is always with him when he’s driving his quad at grandpa’s pear plantation. And yes, from time to time, he will pick a pear from the trees.

To finish this little bio, some favourites of Vince:

Book: De Spoken van McHaggis (The Ghosts of McHaggis)

Song: Lollipop, by Mika

Artists: Mika (obviously), Dean and Natalia (2 Belgian singers)

Movie: 10 000 BC

Colour: Purple

Food: Chinese (chicken curry with rice)

In his early 20’s Vince, who is now called by his full name Vincent, opened up a diner together with his family and team, which goes by the name ‘Sikivie.’ They like to welcome you to their renovated home in the heart of Landen, Belgium.

Sikivie is to be found at the Stationsstraat, in a building full of memories. After years of emptiness and an extensive metamorphosis, the diner is now standing as a dynamic meeting place for everyone.

‘With us, you can find a fresh beer at the bar, a tasteful coffee or cocktail, nice food products, unique decoration, original gift boxes, gift certificates and much more.

We also keep your small or great hunger quiet. Our social bites are fresh and homemade. These delicious dishes call for dialogue and bring people closer together. What is the point of eating if you can’t share it with your lover(s)? After All, (food) sharing is caring!’

More information at HTTP://

On Monday, February 8th, 2021, Vincent appeared in a Belgian television show called ‘Stukken van Mensen.’ That show presents 4 buyers who argue with each other to buy the presented item from the seller. Things are sold: vintage, art, furniture, decorative stuff, cars and so on…

Vincent came to sell 6 framed chronographs from Salvador Dali. He sold to one of the buyers for the amount of 1.500 euros and 2 days together with the seller to learn some more insights into the trading business.

The show’s video can be found here, but it is only available in Belgium

Jonas Jan Busselen

Updated: 23/02/2021


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