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Kain Rivers: The Boy with Three Names

Kain Rivers
Kain Rivers

I’m sure there’s some perfectly logical reason this young Russian singer has used three different names in the last two years! I can’t find it.

Using his latest pseudonym, Kain Rivers, this mostly blond, slim young Russian boy has been posting photos and videos on, even showing us his apartment, which seems to have security alarms all over.

/update Sep.2020 – Kirill Dmitrievich Rogovets-Zakon, also known by his stage name Kain Rivers (Russian: Кирилл Дмитриевич Роговец-Закон; born 25 June 2004) is a Ukrainian-Russian singer/

But then maybe he’s Ukrainian, and the alarm sounds in his video are emanating from his mobile. He is one of a whole new Renaissance of young artists from Russia, although not from the Ecole group.

This teen has his own YouTube channel and has been adding material to it. He also seems to be involved in fashion. He’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, OK, and Telegram, many of which have been dormant for months.

So let’s work back from the present and discover who’s behind the charade.

After seemingly touring to the Rhein and Italy, Kain posted a rather fanciful video in which he is a small person in a giant, sometimes the upside-down world. This is fascinating to start, but the tune is fairly laid-back, and the visual gets repetitive. It’s fun, but a video using the images collected on the route, which I had expected, did not appear.

Following up a lead, I discovered Dmitry Zakon, who seems to have international connections. Is he the producer behind the recent Kain videos? And the reason the second Kain name (Kirill Rogovets) suddenly changed to “Rogovets-Zakon” in August? Mysterious.

An entirely different presentation of Kain can be seen published on August 17, 2017, in which a classical, pure white world houses Kain singing sweetly in an enchanting ‘choir boy’ trilling treble. The melodramatic moves and portraits focus only on Kain, but since the language is foreign to me, I can only wonder what this is about (as usual, no English explanations).

A song called Mope (pronounced more) is shown as a bright, joyful, carefree video with an open sea and much sun, with a fun Caribbean style.

In a live TV performance earlier in May 2017 at a benefit concert (1+1 TV), Kain, this time called Kyrylo Cherpita, sings White Horses, a song I much enjoyed. What I liked here is Kain’s flawless presentation and his stunning range changes — from very tender falsetto to a raunchy, blues-type voice. I love the confidence and courage here, on national TV, and in front of a vast audience, perfectly at ease delivering this.

But then performing seems to motivate him, as in the 2016 VOICE competition where he also appeared nationwide, reaching the semi-finals. Another amazing young Russian singer, Ivan Iastrebov, won it but appeared not to have followed up his success on social media.

Still, as Kyrylo Cherpita (Кирилл Черпита), Kain sings Chandelier, giving us the chance to compare him to the awesome Gregory. His natural voice is strong here. Indeed, only the important sustained falsetto parts are less impressive than Dolgolenko. The ability to act out a song is another plus for Kain, who presents this with different tonal passages.

When I hear this fairly diminutive young boy perform on stage, I am surprised by the power he can generate.

Appearing on My3 TV, Kain sings Impossible with style. But an even better example is Its a Man’s World (2-Oct-2016 – The Voice-Blind Audition), showing off his incredible ability to interpret and slip into different voices.

In July, Kain sang Mope’ again, live, at the VK FEST 2017, and once again, we see what a promising performer he has already become. Finally, you should see The VOICE trio singing Loshadi, from which Kain advanced to the semis (2.3 million views/October 2017).

By whatever name you call him (or he calls himself), he’s a kid to watch for in the future. I wish him luck.

/update – 26.04.2021 – All the clips have been removed from the official YouTube channel of Kain Rivers. We have replaced what we could with clips hosted elsewhere.


  1. It’s quite strange that (almost) everything he – or maybe his ‘management’ – controls has been deleted: his youtube channel, his instagram, his website. There only seems to be left some twitter account, but I’m not sure it really is his own, because there are no recent posts.

    I’m wondering what has happened, or what is happening to this talented boy. And yes, I’m a bit worried.

    • As far as I know, Kiril is fine and he keeps sharing on his personal Instagram account . As about what has happened I have often discussed it with friends , but aside from managerial decision – nothing can be confirmed. His is not the first case – as with so many young singers – their managers decide to remove media at a certain time . Personally I find this very disrespectful to the fans – yet there is little one can do. That`s why is a good idea to have an offline copy of the things one really likes – in case one day someone pulls the plug…

  2. Kain here is the best 16 yr old singer ik i mean hes cute nice and funny when i fist heard him sing i was blown away cool kid got talent and well u know when a kid has talent like me Kain is a boy that makes everybody feel good he inspired me to write songs by 1 EMOJI so know im a 13 yr old song write THANKS KAIN

  3. I don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian but I believe his real name is Kirill Rogovetsh-Zakon. His producer appears to be his father, Dmitry Zakon, who is a businessman with significant international connections in the music industry. The initial use of different names probably reflect the father’s efforts to develop a name that would appeal to western audiences. His website indicates that he was born in Kiev, as others have stated, but it is not clear where he lives now. Sources indicate his parents are divorced and that he lives with his mother in Russia. If this is correct, he would have recently completed his formative education and is either on to university or to recording more songs. One thing is for sue, the boy has immense talent and with his father’s connections, he just might make it. Absent the right guidance, he could fall into oblivion the way Ivan Iastrebov did, for without the proper guidance and financial backing, young artist can easily fade into oblivion.

  4. Kain Rivers (Kirill Dmitriyevich Rogovets-Zakon) — singer, actor, model.

    Semifinalist of the third season of the Ukrainian TV project “The Voice. Kids”, channel 1+1, Potap’s team, semifinalist of “New Wave Junior 2017”, participant of the first season of reality show “Battle of Talents” on MUZ-TV and the anniversary season of the TV project “The voiсe. Kids 5”, Channel One, Basta’s team.

    Genres: euro-pop, R&B and rock.

    He sings in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spenish and Chinese.

  5. Ваш коментар очікує модерації
    Діти дивовижні
    Я люблю білих коней, і люстра
    І багато інших я не розумію слів. Але там просто красиві пісні, і він співає з серцем.
    Він виглядає дуже схоже, що він користується те, що робить He’s і не зробив, щоб зробити це.
    І що сама по собі є дивним
    Молодці кіддо.
    Слідкуйте за хорошу роботу.
    Я б дуже хотів бачити люстра прийти до Apple Music.

  6. Kids amazing
    I love white horses, and chandelier
    And many more I don’t understand the words to. But there just beautiful songs and he sings with heart.
    He looks very much like he enjoys what’s he’s doing and not made to do it.
    And that all by itself is awesome
    Well done kiddo.
    Keep up the good work.
    I’d really like to see chandelier come to Apple Music.

  7. This boy is amazing, I love him , I’m so happy he’s made it .
    The first time I saw him sing , I said this boy hs mega mega mega talent !!!!! And he has.

    Love him, and good luck to him .

  8. To clear things up – his real name is Кирилл Роговец ( Kiril Rogovetsh) and he is from Ukraine. Born in Kiev, Kiril has partaken in many musical competitions and has been singing professionally on the stage since he was nine ( info from KidMusic : ). His Western sounding name is probably aimed at the international audience ( even I call myself George when speaking with people from the US , UK…etc – my real name would be harder for them to even pronounce -same with Dolgolenko ).

    Thank you for writing this article ,I have noticed Kiril thanks to your tweets – but its not until that I read the whole piece that my interest was really picked).


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