Adeus, Pai (1996)

    Adeus, Pai is a heartwarming story with a superb Coming-of-Age narrative. It is the film I would refer anyone to who asks for a pure example of the Coming-of-Age genre in cinema.

    A Childhood (2015)

    A Childhood features stunning visuals and wonderful acting by the entire cast resulting in cinematic magic. A must see!

    Kes (1969)

    An enchanting story with first-rate acting that is, quite simply, a cinematic masterpiece.

    My Best Enemy (2010)

    My Best Enemy is a stirring portrayal of bullying, victimization, and revenge as seen through the eyes of the film's young protagonist.

    The New Kid (2015)

    The New Kid is a Coming-of-Age flick which delivers the right doses of comedy and drama to engage and entertain - the best French Coming-of-Age film I have seen. A MUST SEE!

    Grand Hotel (2016)

    A pleasant cinematic experience well worth one's time, Grand Hotel is a must see.

    Les Choristes (2004)

    The French film, Les Choristes, is at times sad, even violent, but it always conveys to the viewer a wonderful feeling of hope.

    The Devil in the Skin (2011)

    The Devil in the Skin is a French Coming-of-Age drama telling the story of the strong bond between brothers.
    Home 2008

    Home (2008)

    Home is a unique movie experience! That's right - an unusual story, a bit of surrealism, wonderful acting and first class cinematography .
    Planta 4a movie review

    Planta 4a (2003)

    Planta 4a is an inspirational, “feel good” movie which tackles a difficult theme in a manner that no other film has accomplished. Highly recommended!

    Heartstone (2016)

    Visually beautiful and well-acted, Heartstone is a poignant film that earns the highest recommendation.

    Pianese Nunzio, Fourteen in May (1996)

    Sacret Silence is shoot in an unique way as many of the characters talk directly to the viewer.