August Rush

August-Rush-Movie-Poster-23I just finished watching this absolutely incredible film.

Here is how I determine what is good and what is bad in a film. Any writer who can stir the emotions in every direction of the compass has written an incredible film. Any writer who knows nothing but action sadly suffers from an affliction known as being totally shallow in thought. In short, you may enjoy the movie from the edge of your chair but an hour later you can not describe the movie. There is nothing lasting in it for you.

August Rush is a phenomenal movie that promises to bring the viewer to tears multiple times and laughter sometimes seconds later. You feel the apprehension when threats are applied and you feel the loss when it occurs. You feel fear and happiness, anger and loathing in this absolutely wonderful feature.

Freddie Highmore

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Freddie Highmore formerly Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and more recently The Golden Compass, delivers a superbly believable character. He plays a young boy orphaned at birth and determined to find his parents. He also hears music in everything from the bouncing of a ball to the wind on the grass. He hears the music his parents make even though they are miles away and know nothing of his survival.

What ensues is an incredible whirlwind of totally unrelated events that allow him to blossom and fulfill a dream.

I don’t suggest you watch this movie. I suggest you buy this movie. Once won’t be enough.

That’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

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August Rush (2007)
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  1. One other thing since I am here. The photography in this movie was unique and exceptional. From photographing the guitar strings in proper oscillation to photographing the wind in the wheat field. It was incredible.


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