Alexander Desiré – Bel Canto

Released August 2008

A stunning vocal extravaganza showcasing Louis-Alexander Desire’s brilliance to the incredible music of the famed piano prodigy, Simon Goodman.

Carefully guided and trained in the Bel Canto style by Maestro Bernard d’Abrera, who continues to train Louis in the ancients’ style. Although the definition is gray to most, it certainly isn’t to Maestro Bernard d’Abrera, who describes it as creating a pillar of sound before the soloist uses the lungs’ diaphragm throaty tin sound of the mouth or throat. And when done properly, the Bel Canto style appears to be done effortlessly.

I can certainly tell you that Louis has mastered this sound, and he certainly makes it sound pure without effort. I also know, however, that he trains daily and trains with a proficiency that only comes with experience and the proper tutelage.

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This brilliant compilation of songs from various composers ranges in time from the 1500s through today, showing that the distinctive Bel Canto form works with many music styles and is, in fact, timeless in its ability to add beauty and depth to any song of substance.

This CD has sixteen tracks of some of the most beautiful Bel Canto voices ever performed, and I don’t think the songs listed make it beautiful. I think that can only be credited to the talents and vocal fortitude of Louis-Alexander Desire.


Just thirteen last May, Louis is in vocal prime and shows no signs of his voice breaking. He is getting ready for the release of Vox Angeli’s second CD. Hopefully, we will see at least one more full solo CD by Louis in the Treble range. When you have a treble with such extraordinary talent, you want to get every not and preserve it for posterity. This CD set a whole new bar of achievement.

Like many, I wait patiently for the second Vox Angeli CD to be released.

However, I have not been this impressed in the way of treble soloist CDs since Louis-Alexander Desiré produced his “Forgotten Favorites” CD.


  1. Really interesting album with some high quality musicianship on show.Louis is a wonderful performer – a pity about his vibrato which is not controlled and sounds more like a tremor like many other famous boy trebles before him including Aled Jones and Paul Phoenix.Enjoyed the article too. Thanks.


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