Barbariki – from Russia

Barbariki - the youth of Russia

I have been listening to the songs of Barbariki a lot lately and even if their music is classified as “children music”, I like it because of the energy it holds and the uplifting vibes that can make you smile even if the weather is gray and rainy.  Barbariki is not your typical children’s group.  Its five members  – three boys (Nikita, Oleg, Ruslan) and two girls (Dasha and Sofia) were chosen by the artistic director of Street Magic (Volshebniki Dvora), Vitaliy Ososhnik, back in 2007.

In three years, thanks to their creativity and talent, they have become one of the best known modern children’s groups in Russia. It all started when children from studio Street Magic were needed to do voice overs and music for the Russian-Canadian animated series Lelik and Barbarik. Now the group has released a CD with 10 songs, most of which become hits, liked by both children and by adults who relive their childhood through the group’s music. All songs were originally written for the series but, thanks to the wonderful sincere texts and exceptional melodies,  they are perceived as independent pieces of music. Barbariki’s songs are full of healthy humor and a bit of nostalgia. The group sings about all the wonderful things in life – such as true friendship, solidarity, love of family, taking care of our smaller brethren…etc


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  1. Th lead singer is Oleg Gazaryan, who at a very young age is the compleat musician. He has an unparallelled talent for his age.

  2. I have always had a great respect for the talent's of the Russian people. The internet has made it possible for citizens from all countries to appreciate the artistry of these individual's. They enrich our lives . A very special gift.

  3. Truth is that Russian people have been always supportive of the young talents . The biggest festivals in the world for children`s songs have been there and Russian performers often participate in festivals abroad. There are many formations that have many years of existence and traditions which often results in unmatched vocal quality and music mix. Barbariki are relatively new formation , but the people who work with them really know what music is all about and I think it shows in both the recorded clips and the live performances of the group.

  4. Cute kids! A very nice family oriented post! It seems that Russia has so many wonderful programs and producers to help children develop their music skills. It has always been a country dedicated to outstanding art and music. I enjoyed this article much! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Their outfits are really cool …and they have cool nicknames to go with the personages of the animated series . I have used their names in the article , but their nicks names are : Baz, Boni , Lelik , Lili and Buba. Their live performances fill the halls with energy …one can find many clips of them on you tube and their official site linked in the article.

    Thanks for commenting !

  6. These kids are quite good , I like their music and they have a cute little performance.
    I like the cool outfits…


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