Dan HajekA co-production of Germany and Czechoslovakia, Did Michael Knight End The Cold War? is an intriguing student’s short film telling the story of Jachym, a young boy obsessed with the hero of the TV series Knight Rider.

The action is set in the last years of the Communist regime and the film’s atmosphere bears a lot of resemblance to films produced in the eastern bloc before 1989, which is likely to evoke nostalgia in some viewers.

The most impressive scenes of the film are the ones focusing on Jachym and his heroic bike stunts. This is due to dramatic camerawork and Indiana Jones themed musical score. The addition of documentary footage helps in setting the film in the proper time frame.

Yet the film’s story loses its appeal after a while. This could have been remedied by a better written ending. As it is, one learns little from Did Michael Knight End The Cold War? regarding the changes that brought democracy to Czechoslovakia as the movie only showcases the adventures/mindset of the main protagonist.

The acting is decent and so are the camerawork and the score.  It’s just too bad the storyline isn’t more captivating.

Did Michael Knight End the Cold War? (2009)

20 min|Short, Comedy|N/A
Rating: Metascore: N/A
A young Czech boy, his favorite TV series Knight Rider, and a BMX bike. The true story of the Czech Revolution of 1989.


  1. Don’t dis it, Georgi.

    I enjoyed it on one level as a wonderfully humorous piece of political satire. I guess that having lived in the CZR for a couple of years helps too.

    But mainly, Jachym is so guddang roztomilý that I could’ve watched him read the phone book for 20 minutes and still been enthralled.

    Has to be said.

    Thanks, as ever, for the recommendation.


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