Did you leave a comment ?

Did you leave a comment ?

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Have you enjoyed reading articles posted here at theskykid.com?

Have you found yourself agreeing or disagreeing with something contained in a post?  Do you know something about the subject of a post that maybe wasn’t included in the post that you thought should be?

If any of the above applies to you – yet you have not posted a comment – ever – here, then this post is aimed at you.

We here at theskykid.com (myself and the guest authors) enjoy bringing you  news and information about coming of age movies, young singers, actors and dancers, as well as a variety of other topics.  But sometimes we scratch our heads wondering if it’s worth it – if anyone really cares or enjoys the content.  That’s because often there is a lack of feedback via comments to articles.  Comments let authors know if they are on the mark with a post and if there is enough interest for like articles in the future.  In short, comments provide inspiration and validation to authors.

Here at theskykid.com, we get more than 100,000 hits per month. The blog has attracted top producers and directors because of the young talents we’ve promoted and in some cases have helped to discover.  It has featured  exclusive interviews with famous singers, dancers, movie and music directors.  In short, we know people are coming to the blog, but what we often don’t know are the specifics of why people come and whether they like or dislike the content of the various articles which appear here.

So if you’re a regular reader of content here, but are a “noob” to writing comments, PLEASE consider giving us some feedback as to how we’re doing – or add to the discussion – or correct us when we’re inaccurate about something – or all of the above.  Your opinion and contributions will only improve things here for the future.

Thanks for considering my request.


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  1. Hi Georgi,
    I haven’t leaved a comment for a wile. So lets leave one here.
    The main reason for me to not leave a comments is that I’m not fluent in English. Аlthough I have made some postings in English, I’m sill scared when i need to writhe something. Maybe the main reason is that i have read so many negative comments provoked, like in the pictures above, from improper grammar and selling mistakes.
    Nevertheless, when something really provoke me I’m trying to leave a comment.

  2. Greetings,

    I surf all over the web but rarely leave comments. Your post has motivated me to reflect on why that is.

    Hmmm . . .

    I guess growing up with pre-internet media (TV, movies, music CDs) conditioned me to be a spectator and not a participant. Even though the internet has been aroung a long time, participating, and not just spectating, has not quite become second nature for me . . . yet. And it didn't help growing up in a home where it was expected that I keep my mouth shut and that other people would tell me what my opinion was.

    So . . . in the spirit of changing old behaviors, I present to you this post!!!


  3. Hello and thank you for leaving a comment on the article that is supposed to encourage them. Truth is that everyone has a valuable opinion and its up to each of us to voice that opinion. I have been receiving comments from readers who are not quite satisfied with the the stars I have given to a certain film – but that only makes me curious about if there is something I have missed. I myself am usually leaving comments on the sites I surf (which in most cases are related to technology or cell phones). I know for sure that the authors appreciate comments (being one myself) and also the other readers as I have often been able to find something as valuable as the content of the article in the comments section.

  4. I highly value the contribution of every single person to the articles in this blog. People need to know that that matter and that there are many others that can possibly learn a lot for a comment that gives an insightful information that was not originally in the post. This is especially valid for the young singer and performance that are being introduced on the site as them supporting each other will send a huge positive message to their followers. And yes Ikarus you are excused now ( :

  5. I left one, I am excused… ! ;-)
    (oh, 61 that are registred, I see)…

    Many others should really think about these words… which could also aplly on my blog…

    Greetings, Ikarus


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