Emanuel Zekic

Emanuel Zekic- The megastar of Serbia

Emanuel Zekic If you have been listening to theskykid.com radio – you may have heard two songs of the talented Serbian folk singer Emanuel Zekic. (His Facebook profile lists Bosnia y Herzegovina and the country he lives in).

I was introduced to him approximately two years  ago by a friend of mine and have been following his career ever since.  As his music is quite specific, he has been unable to gain the worldwide popularity that many English speaking singers do.  He has already sung on stage with a band and was even on television in December, 2005. Now-a-days, with the spread of the social networking tools and services such as MySpace, YouTube, Facebook , blogs and the like, he is getting a chance to spread his music throughout the world and I am more then willing to help by introducing his songs at theskykid.com. Thanks to his recording label, Grand Zvezdica, he has already released an album and keeps working on new projects. (His father has a studio named after him StudioBojanZekic – in which the young Emanuel records his songs) .


I can manage some basic Serbian – but even that did not help me to find a lot of information about himon the Internet, other than occasional commentaries that his fans have left on his YouTube clips. One thing I was about to learn is that few years ago a rumor spread in Serbia that he had died in a car crash  – which turned out to be far from the truth. He is currently working on his second album and I hope that this post will help him spread his music around the globe.

One of his songs is called  Forgive Me and you can watch a  clip of it  below:


For most of you, Emanuel’s songs must be quite exotic.

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Emanuel Zekich – My Space, Facebook