Gips (2015)

Summer is fast approaching and few things are as refreshing as a little short film with an adorable Coming-of-Age story. Luckily director Jeroen Houben offers just the right one with his 2015 Gips(Plaster – International English title) .

The premise of the story is slightly tragic as it’s concerned with one of the terrible disasters that could happen to any young person’s summer vacation – a broken arm and a cast guaranteed to get in the way of all the fun. And that’s exactly what 12-year-old Pelle (Rohan Timmermans) has to deal with in Gips.

Despite the desolate situation in which they have placed their young protagonist, the filmmakers have opted for a witty and entertaining way to tell his story. They are aided by some excellent camera work that allows us to see the world through Pelle’s eyes and a melodic musical score infused with summer laziness. And thanks to the great acting and adorable appearance of Rohan Timmermans, it’s impossible not to sympathize with his character.

Rohan Timmermans as Pelle in Gips 2015
Rohan Timmermans as Pelle in Gips 2015

A surprising twist at end will bring a smile to the viewer’s face and I guarantee you will feel refreshed. A bitter-sweet Coming-of-Age cocktail of youthful experiences –  give the 2015 Dutch short film a go.

Gips (2015)
Gips is a bitter-sweet Coming-of-Age cocktail of youthful experiences. Recommended!
Watch it for
Witty storytelling
Bittersweet story
Melodic musical score
Adorable young actor

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