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Ben BabylonBen Babylon is a talented 13-year-old American musician from California. Destined for greatness, this talented young man has music flowing through his veins. His father is the late Guy Babylon, a multi-keyboardist and composer who has been honored with a Grammy award for his orchestrations and renowned for his work with Elton John.

Ben recently performed with Rock Nation, paying tribute to Elton John and the legacy of his father at a show held in California. Throughout his career, Guy Babylon played over a thousand shows as keyboardist for the Elton John Band. His son Ben took to the stage and played the parts that his father played with the band with skill during the tribute, garnering much applause from the audience.

Already a skilled musician at his young age, he performs a wide range of different musical styles, from pop to rock to blues to jazz. While barely into his teens, Ben has shown a talent for songwriting, composing the songs Write Your Own Song, No Goodbye’s On The Road and Goodbye Superman. His lyrics are emotive and comparable to any of the successful pop lyricists around.

Recently released on iTunes, his song, Goodbye Superman, is a moving tribute to his late father who passed away in September 2009. Written when he was only eleven years old, Ben recorded this song with Grammy-award winning producer Greg Penny and Jesse Johnstone.

Ben Babylon, "Goodbye Superman," Yoshi's, Oakland, CA

Among his musical influences, the young musician lists the likes of The Who, Porcupine Tree, Elton John and, of course, his father. Sir Elton has given him many compliments on his performance and the influence of the legendary artist on the young man is evident in his music.

His reception as a musician, both by fans and critics alike, has been overwhelmingly positive. Referred to across the board as a genius, a brilliant pianist and an amazing talent, Ben has also been praised for the emotional maturity with which he approaches music and his ability to interpret the songs he plays. With such a wealth of talent, it’s not hard to believe that he’ll make it far in the music industry.

Carrying on the legacy of his father, Ben Babylon has a bright future ahead of him. Many in music industry are keeping their eyes on this remarkable youth, eager to see what he will do next. And his fans, steadily growing in number, are also doing the same.

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