Martian Child

A friend of mine recommended this movie to me though My Space. I am glad that he did so because it did turned out to be a good movie. Its tagline “The story of a man becoming a father…and a boy becoming a son” draw my instant attention. After seeing it I could only add that Marcian Child is a real coming of age movies – that somehow reminds us that there is no universal age – some of us are coming of age every single days of our lives and that`s so beautiful. We are creating new miracles , exploring new words – learning to be human. And may be all shall have the stamp on the box in which the Martian child was hiding from the sun – a big stamp “Fragile ! Handle with care” – loving the person who gets us out of that box and still does what`s this stamp says .
The plot of the movie is based on the real story of a single parent who decides to adopt a child. That child happen to be a six-year old orphan boy named Dennis who thinks that he came from Mars to fulfill a mission on the earth. From the moment they first meet a new mission lies ahead of both of them – that mission is pretty well described by the movies tagline I mentioned above.
martian-childThe good plot is there. There is book with the same name and a short story .The movie is based on the short story – although there are people who argue that its actually based on the book – only the sexuality of the single parent was changed – to make sweeten the film for the general audience. I have not read the book yet – so can not really comment on that yet. The acting is average – but rather good than not – and the movie has a really good soundtrack too. Martian child seems to be a nice family movie – which you could enjoy some cloudy Sunday afternoon ( just like I did). Similar but a bit better movie would be About a Boy – just so you have an idea .–9mYFpVM


  1. I love love LOVEd this film. It's one that I could continously watch. I think the thing that appeals to me the most is the psychology behind it, whether you focus on the kid, on the adopting father, or the family dynamics at large, it is fascinating, and I find something new each time that I watch it. Perhaps I read in to deeply, but I am glad that I can do just that with this film.

    Oh, and you totally nailed it with your first paragraph. I couldn't agree more.


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