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Mary Did You Know….

Mary Did You Know...Christian music – until a few days ago I had no idea what was behind this term.  What came to my mind naturally was classical choirs (Vienna Boys Choir, L’Escolania de Montserrat, St Edmundsbury Cathedral Choir…etc.) or Gospel performers.  Then I find out there is Christian Rock, Rap, Pop and even techno music.  I knew that various events are organized across the globe – gatherings, festivals – but because of some (wrong) assumptions on my part, based on my feeling that most things associated with religion are not be on the “cool “side – I never expressed a real interest in so called Christian Music.

Then I discovered the music of Ariel Sebastian from Argentina. And I like it.  I like it not only because of his astonishing treble voice, but because of the well-arranged and modern music he sings.  After hearing this, I was on my way to changing my pre-set assumptions – when something happened to accelerate the process. I discovered a new independent label Technopraise that uses a totally new and unique approach – mixing techno (House actually) and Christian songs in what they call the “NEW sound of Christian music”. They have released a music video of Johnny Hammer performing Mary Did You Know? – a great song with a real message, set to catchy vibes that makes me want to dance. Of course, just as some people have wrong assumptions towards Christian Music, others have the wrong assumptions towards techno music.  I should know. In the past few years I have been to hundreds of  dance clubs across Europe and have a first-hand experience with what some people think about anything  “different and new”. Yet, Technopraise proves that sending a positive message out there can be done just as effectively via modern vibes, which are guaranteed to have a bigger impact on youth than anything else.

Now what’s left for you is to watch the new clip of Mary Did You Know? and share your opinion of it.

Don`t miss our exclusive interview with Johnny Hammer !

You can find out more about the newest releases of Technopraise at their official web site


  1. Many thanks to the producers of Technopraise and Johnny Hammer for that great Christmas present. A few weeks ago, I heard that song on the radio and was stunned because it was so beautiful. Yesterday I also saw the video and recognized the name Technopraise for the first time. And now I’m even more excited and instantly purchased the single and album via iTunes. Johnny is bright, vivid and not tame but with a cute impish smile. I appreciate Christian choirs like Libera that are modern (compared to conventional church choirs), professional and provide a great show. And now Technopraise has even more appeal especially to young people. Today we need more young people that share Christian values and spirituality. I think Christian institutions should support projects that provide some joy and excitement to become more attractive to potential new members. Sternness and lament may be covered later still being important but more difficult to understand. Christianity needs to get ready for the future. I wish Technopraise a lot of success and various great projects.

  2. Thank you from the comments . I have pointed out this clip to Tommy from who promised that he will try to find more information about the talented young performer of the ” Mary did you know ” during one of his trips to Nashville in 2011. I will also follow closely any further developments and new releases of Technoprise. This Christmas I have heard the song performed by Johnny Hammer at least 20 times ( I have lost the count by now )

  3. I love the fact that we (Christians) finally have gotten the music that is a-international and b- we don’t have to be embarrassed of. Also, so refreshing to see a kid sing about God rather than how he wants to do things to an under-aged girl… What a Christmas gift from Nashville! Thank you, Skykid, Thank you, Technopraise!!

  4. I’m happy that you have discovered this wonderful world of diversity within Christian Music! This youngster is very good indeed. As always you beat me to the punch. I was looking for a video with this song to publish on my site! Alas you have the best of the lot.
    I have requested it from Joshua Flores you may remember him but I believe he got a little too busy before Christmas to do it. However he may still find time before the Holidays are over.
    Have a wonderful Christmas my friend. Knowing you this past year has brought a rich blessing in my life and I pray that you are rewarded greatly in 2011 for your sacrificial giving that you do all year long through your efforts on your site!


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