Mickybo and Me

Mickybo and Me

Mickybo and MeBrilliant – that word can easily describe the movie Mickybo and Me. I have not noticed a single flaw – the acting was outstanding , the music suitable , the story intriguing…

The movie follows the life and the adventures of Micky Boyle and Johnjo – two boys who both live in Belfast but different neighborhoods separated by a bridge and the religion divide between Catholics and protestants. And yet despite being on the opposite side of the divide they become friends . They sneak into the local cine to see the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid which lives a long lasting impression in them. After seeing the movie Mickybo and Jognjo swear an oath to be blood brothers for life and they embark on a journey following the steps of their movie heroes.

mickybo-and-meSince the Mickybo and Me is an Irish movie – it is no wonder that the actors were speaking with an accent – but after 5 to 10 minutes of watching I used to to it. Mickybo and Me reminded me of two of my favorite movies Dear Frankie and Billy Elliot . Not only because of the accent – the movie is made by the film makers of Billy Elliot and even the mother of Mickybo is played by Julie Walters who played Billi`s ballet teacher. The two lead actors John Joe McNeill and Niall Wright make an outstanding debut in this movie – full of charisma and talent they easily won my sympathy.

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There is lot of humor in the movie and because of that Mickybo and Me is very enjoyable to watch. But then it also touches some very serious topics like the Irish conflict , terrorism, the lost of innocence…etc. I also read that it portrait’s the life is the 1970`s Belfast pretty accurately. Overall the movie is great and I highly recommend it.


Mickybo and Me at IMDB ( link)


  1. Is there anywhere I can be a DVD of this great movie that will play in the United States? All the versions online say “non-u.s. version” … wondering why this is the only movie on earth we Americans can’t purchase … ???


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