Most (2003)

Most 2003 Short film DVD coverI have seen a lot of movies – some better than others and some that moved me so profoundly that, before the ending credits roll, I know that that I will forever keep their message in my heart. One of those films is Most – a 2003 Czech film directed by Bobby Garabedian.

It’s the story of a father and a son, of love and sacrifice. The brilliantly directed film grabbed my attention from the very beginning. In a minute or two, we are introduced to a whole variety of different life stories. Not only those of the film’s protagonists – a single father (Vladimir Javorsky) who works as a railroad drawbridge operator and his son Lada (Lada Ondrej)- but also the many people they meet at the railroad station where the film opens.

Most is masterfully directed and artfully constructed to avoid the barriers of ideologies, philosophies, and religiosities. But, at the same time, it propels us to a simple truth: that there is always someone willing to put his or her own desires aside and care for us, even when we can’t or won’t care for ourselves.

While watching the film, I felt many different emotions – ranging from joy and hope to sorrow and anguish. While there isn’t a lot of dialogue in the film, one could easily feel the mood of the film without it. The honesty of the actors’ expressions invokes the viewer’s proper emotions. The father and son did not act – they lived the story. Without a doubt, this emotional response that the film instills into its viewers can be largely attributed to its compelling character development.

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Like this short film, life has a simple but meaningful plot with only two things being certain. It begins and it ends. However, what makes this film so relevant is its message, which points us to the importance of how we spend the time that joins these two certainties. Will we live our life unto others? Or will we carry on in a self-centered manner,  oblivious to the needs of our fellow man?

Most will impact you, causing you to search your soul and perhaps lead you down a path of self-discovery. I highly recommend it to everyone. It’s one of those films that will leave an everlasting imprint — not only in your mind but in your heart!




  1. Well, I just found this on my youtube to watch later. And I totally loved it.

    Can’t remember when I read this or if I didn’t read the review before and then I just decided to save the video for later.

    As you mention, “While there isn’t a lot of dialogue in the film” the actors do a great job, by just using their face, eyes, body, etc.

    This really is a “Most” see

    • Honestly despite the way the movie is marketed I do not think of Most as a religious film – its just an excellent storytelling done in tasteful and poignant way. I really recommend this film – because it moved me – it has some humor , tension … and first class acting.

    • i agree with 99% of your reviews why i chose the ONE i disagreed with to argue, i dunno ;)
      i VERY appreciate

    • ( : You are more than welcome to agree and disagree with my reviews. It makes writing them much more interesting – and in any case as any other review they only reflect my own view point – which based on my background and experience is different than may be your …etc.


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