Our Lady of the Assassins

Our Lady of the AssassinsI have watched two movies today – both weren’t very good. Our Lady of the Assassins was one of them. Despite the fact that I did not like it much there was few scenes and dialogues which proved to be interesting. The main character is a middle aged writer who returns to the city he grew up to spend the rest of his time there – he meets Alexis a 16 years old gang member and they become friends and lovers. From that moment one – the viewer is exposed to the brutal reality of Medellin (the city in Columbia in which the action takes place) – I do not remember seeing another movie in which the killings happen so often and almost none cares of them. One of the scenes in which the main characters discover a dog with broken legs even makes you wonder if the human live is to be considered less important then the one of the animal.

The acting was not very good, which doesn’t like as a surprise – once when you know that most of the actors are not professional actors. At the same time from what I have read in few message boards seems that filming that movie was a challenge in itself – as it had to be filmed fast due to the dangerous environment in which the action took place.

At the end of this short review I just want to show you a quote I found elsewhere :

“Our Lady of the Assassins” is like a random gang shooting — it leaves a big impression but makes no sense.


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