Our Own Land (2021)

Our Own Land (Original title: Nous n’irons plus en haut), released in 2021, is a prime example of a Coming-of-Age short film whose story lingers in the viewer’s mind long after the final credits have rolled.

Atmospheric and beautifully shot, it tells the story of Jacob and Theo, two young brothers aged eight and twelve, who are being left alone in a big farmhouse in the peaceful Breton countryside.

We observe their interaction while trying to decipher the plot. To achieve that, one has to pay attention to a variety of subtle details hidden in their conversations and actions. As challenging as that might be, it is a rewarding process thanks to the sincere and poignant acting performances of Noe and Swann Vallee (real-life brothers who portray Jacob and Theo).

In addition, the camerawork — which is marked by an abundance of close-up shots, long-range pans, nature,  fuzzy highlights, and attention to detail — further draws the viewer into the drama.

By the final scene, one has a pretty good idea of what has happened. Yet different viewers may reach different conclusions based on their own predicaments and personal experiences. Thought-provoking and emotionally powerful, the film is a gem of Coming-of-Age cinema and receives my highest recommendation. 


Our Own Land / Nous n’irons plus en haut (2021) - Trailer (English Subs)

The film at IMDB 

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