Out (2010) – short film

Written and directed by Nils Taranger, the 2010 short film Out offers a haunting and surreal observation of the interactions of a young boy and his mother.

Out makes a huge impact on the psyche of its viewers thanks to its overpowering, obsessing atmosphere created by the proficient usage of visual design (impressive use of color schemes) and cinematographic techniques.  The lack of dialogue is balanced by an absorbing musical score and excellent sound effects.

Evaluating the actors’ performances is slightly difficult due to the nature of Nils Taranger‘s short film. Yet, recognizing the fact that  the presence of Aaron Berger and Jennifer Christa Palmer did not distract from but actually enhanced the surreal environment in which their characters are placed, is evidence of well directed and acted scenes.

The meaning of the film is open for interpretation by the audience. Is it a metaphor for overprotection, or something else altogether?  Whatever your answer is, the film is worth experiencing!


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